Thursday, 15 September 2011

The blog has now moved....

That's correct guys, for all of you that read my blog and wonder why the hell it's been so quiet, it's that it's moved.

Basically, after all the fun, excitement and friends i've met on this very blog, it's time to move on to pastures new. So if you're one of the lovely people that check out what spews from my brain on a regular basis, please feel free to move over to the new blog and get involved there. It's very much a work in progress at the moment, so bear with me during the change.

I'll be leaving this blog in a state of suspended animation, and who knows....every do often I may take something that I wrote on here and do a retrospective on the new blog.'s sad to say goodbye to the old girl, but needs must and all that.

Right. So the new address for the blog is quite Told you it was simple. So please pop over there and say hello. Hey, if you feel like it you can even pop to my Facebook page and give it a like. Go know it makes sense.

It's not me stopping....oh no. Just think of it as the blog putting on a nice new change of clothes.

I'll see you there.