Friday, 8 October 2010

Medal of honour details and videos.

The new Medal of honour (yes....I refuse to use the American way of spelling it) is almost upon us.

It's the first Medal of Honour game for the next gen consoles, and its release has been met with both excitement from fans of the series (such as myself), and controversy as well. It started off with the games creators saying that the Taliban would be included as the enemy, which met with shouts and cries about how this was disgusting, chief of which was the U.K defence secretary Liam fox, who called for retailers not to stock the game. EA soon bowed down to the controversy, and said that the Taliban would no longer feature in the game, and the enemies would now be called the "opposing force".

Anyway. That's all done and dusted now. We have a week until the game is now launched, and i've been deliberately dodging all videos about the game....until now that is.

Have a look at these two videos below. There are two videos here from a series that EA have made for Youtube called "the MOH experience". I've picked these two firstly because they are the only two I have looked at and, and secondly, because they are absolutely incredible to watch.

The first video i'd like you to look at is Part 2, "Gunfighters". This features a level where you take control (or maybe part control) of an Apache gunship helicopter, laying waste to an insurgents base of operations.

And the second video i'd like you to watch is part 4, "Friends from afar". This one has you starting in a sniping position which then goes to hell in a handbasket.

What do you think? I think the game looks pretty fantastic. Say what you like about EA, but one thing that you have to give them is that their production values are usually always off the scale, and from looking at this they seem to have taken them up a notch. From the sound effects, such as the crack of the sniper rifle and the chatter over the radios, to the explosions and even the second or so delay in the bullet from the sniper reaching it's target, it looks as solid as a rock. If EA can get the gunplay and pacing right, along with a story that makes some kind of sense (yes, i'm looking at you, modern warfare 2), then this game could be a serious challenger to the Call of Duty crown.

As always, if you have any thoughts then just post them up here!

Medal of Honour is due for release on PS3/Xbox 360/PC on October 15th, 2010.

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