Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Gamefreak's Dead Space walkthough!

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by again.

Here, at long last, is part 1, the intro section of my walk through of Dead Space. It's taken an age to get uploaded....who would have thought in this day and age uploading HD videos to youtube would take slightly less time than the formation of a new landmass? Hey ho.....

"Why are you doing a walkthrough of the first Dead Space game?" I hear you cry! Well, if you tune into the blog you would have read my thoughts on all things scary in the videogame world. If you missed it, then please read through it BEFORE you watch these vids. It'll make a wee bit more sense.

I go into a bit of detail before getting started, so no worries if you're the impatient type.

So anyway, here are the first two parts. As i've already mentioned, this isn't going to be a complete walkthrough of the game, that would be a bit boring. I've filmed the intro to set up the scene. Other videos will be other parts of the game, in sequential order, but i'll obviously skip through certain sections for sake of you dying of boredom.

Just click on the videos below, and join me on my trip. Look on in amazement at the graphics, marvel at the sounds and characters in the game, and laugh with embarrassment at me squealing like a little girl.

I bring you....Dead!

And of course, pt.2!

So thanks for watching my first steps in the game. I'll be back with more on my terrifying journey in the next few days.

Your comments, hints, tips and thoughts are as usual, always welcome.

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