Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Dead Rising Challenge.

Capcom's Dead Rising on the Xbox 360 was one of those games that when it was initially announced, I was as exicted as any videogamer would be if they loved the zombie genre. I followed all the news, screen shots, videos, literally anything I could get my hands on to find out more.

Like many though, when the game came out those waves of initial excitement soon died with a slightly dodgy control scheme and an abomination of a game-save system. It put me and many other people off the game. I never really played it. I ran around, levelled up by one or two levels, but that was it. Never saw anything else of the story, never fought any of the psychopaths in the game (I did see the guys in boiler suits driving around in the hummer outside though...escaped convicts I seem to remember).

Anyhoo. Dead Rising 2 is looking a bit special (although I am on my guard after this being the same feeling I had with the first game) so I though i'd set myself the challenge of actually finishing the first game. Now i'm not going for 100% or all the achievements, just to see a few of the psychopaths, how they fit into the game and whatever nuggets of story i'll pick up.

I'll be letting you all know how I get on at this task, and maybe even shout out for a wee bit of help!

Wish me luck!

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