Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tabloid in gaming news story horror!

Another un-biased article from everyones favourite cat litter-tray liner, The Sun.

Apparently, 17yr old Zach Richardson is GLUED to his Xbox for anything up to 17 hours a day!

He's so hooked, he doesn't wash, he hardly eats, he's loosing his friends and his girlfriend is threatening to dump him! He's basically being a 17yr old teenager.

His mum, Louise, has apparently stated "there is nothing I can do to stop him playing. I don't want to upset him by taking his consoles away". Here's an idea love....risk the minor tantrum he'll have and take it away if you're that bothered.

So once again the blame lies on the lap of videogaming, rather than in the responsibility of the parents.

Read all about it in the U.K's most popular daily shite spout here!

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