Friday, 20 August 2010

Spartans VS Pirates!

Oh dear!

Looks like those crazy old pirates are at it again.

Modders at the website have apparently found a back door into Microsofts servers and downloaded Halo: Reach.

The game (which is currently available to download at the bargain price of $1250 from Microsoft) is available to reviewers ONLY with a special code. The modders have found a way past that, and have downloaded the full game. They say that they will not release it to the public and certainly won't release any spoilers, but already certain websites (and indeed Bungies own forums) are awash with videos and spoilers about the campaign.

Now i'm not entirely sure why Bungie released it for reviewers as a downloadable piece of software anyway. Surely just posting out a disc or dropping it around to the review team in person is the best bet. The temptation for the hardcore in the modding scene to bag what is arguably THE biggest game of the year was obviously too much for them to take.

Bungie have basically stated that Halo fans should stay away from forums and videos if they don't want the experience ruined. Will this be too much of a temptation for some gamers? After both Halo 2 and Halo 3 were leaked before the street date i'd imagine some people are playing the game as we speak.

As for me, well. I'm certainly looking forward to the game. But I think I can hold on for just that short while until it hits the streets.

The question is........

.....can you?

Halo Reach is released in the U.K on 14th September, 2010.

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