Saturday, 21 August 2010

New Left4Dead DLC incoming.

Valve have announced a new DLC package for Left 4 Dead and the sequel, "The Sacrifice".

The new DLC lets you play a chapter as the original cast from Left 4 Dead that leads up to "The Passing" DLC content, showing how the group actually met up with the guys from the second game. Added to that, you can now play with the cast from Left 4 Dead 2 through the "No mercy" level from the first game....a particular favorite of mine.

Playing as the characters from the first game in "The sacrifice", you will now be able to decide who gets killed off, rather than have it decided for you (hooray for Bill!!).

The DLC is compatible with both games in the series. If you have one, the other or both, it'll work.

Free for PC users, no word on pricing for the Xbox 360 version as of yet.

(You will need to scroll through to chapter 4 in the video to see the details)

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