Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ace combat returns.....and it looks amazing!

Well, this slipped under my radar!

I've always loved the Ace combat games. I've played them since they went under the original name Air combat. My biggest moan about the games is most of the time you're just firing missiles at pixels two miles away on screen. All that is about to change with the new "reboot" of the series, Ace Combat: Assault horizon.

The devs showed off a promo video of the game at the recent Gamescom event, and it's epic! Showing off several new features to the game, including "close range assault" and something called "steel carnage". Basically instead of missiles at dots on the horizon, the new system allows you to get up close and personal, so you'll see the enemy planes peppered with holes and fall apart when you unload on them. Missile fire is also shown with a floating camera, so upon launching a missile the camera will follow right through to your target.

Apparently the developers are big fans of the Call of Duty series, and from the trailer you can see a wee bit of the Modern Warfare influence. They have a military adviser on hand to make sure everything is authentic, and from the trailer you can see that the game will be set in multiple theatres of war all across the globe. There will be a shed load of new planes to unlock, and for the first time helicopters will feature in the series.

It all looks spankingly good!! It's going to be released on the xbox 360, and happily a return to the PS3 as well after the exclusivity of the last game in the series. The developer won't commit to a firm release date, but promises it'll be here in 2011.

Check out the promo video below and let me know what you think. The second video features a short interview with the producer and executive director of the game, Kazutoki Kono.


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