Monday, 17 January 2011

Call of Duty: Black ops First strike DLC preview. it is folks. The eagerly awaited details for the first DLC pack for Black Ops, the Jackie Chan-film-sound-a-like "First Strike".

The DLC pack features five maps in total, four for the multiplayer proper side of the game, and one for the zombie mode.

The names of the maps are as follows: Kowloon, Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium and Ascension.

I won't go rattling on about the new features of can watch the video for that. The one new thing that's been added though, and it's pretty cool, is the ability on the Kowloon map to use zipwires to fly about the level quickly. It looks like a great addition, and I for one will take a great deal of pleasure just sitting around waiting for fools to get on it so I can shoot them and watch them plummet to a horrid, splatty death!

The First Strike multiplayer map pack is exclusive to the Xbox 360 for around a month or so. It's released on Feb.1st for the extortionate price of 1200 msp. Or not so extortionate if you have no friends and you eat, breath and shit Call of Duty.

Here's the vid!

So what do you think? Do you like the look of the maps, or are you going to stick two fingers up at Activision and not bother??

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  1. I can't wait for this. Already bought my MS Points.

    Also, I like the Jackie Chan reference. First Strike was a nice movie.