Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Nintendo 3DS launch details.

Well, the details are now out.

Jumping all over the internet today are the first concrete details about Nintendo's latest license to print money, the Nintendo 3DS.

Reported by gaming trade site MCV, the console will launch in March 25th in Europe, and then follow on two whole days later in the States. Launch price for the console has only been released for the U.S so far, and it's set at $249, with around 30 titles set for the launch window. Suspiciously, there has been no word on the price for the U.K. HMV have pre orders up on their online site already, setting the price at £229 of your finest promissory notes, although it remains to be seen what the overinflated price will be in their stores.....if they have any left by the time it launches! have the console priced at the slightly cheaper £219.99, while Game and Gamestation are accepting pre-orders, but haven't yet confirmed the price.

I'm going to take a punt on Nintendo just swapping the $ for the £ over here and ripping us off...but hey, that's the miserable old bastard in me.

So what do you guys think? Will you be pre-ordering, cueing up on launch day....or just missing out the console completely?

I'm going to be picking one up....purely on the back of this single game.

See you on launch day people!

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