Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Gamefreakblog check out the XBLA indie game Raven Thorne trial version

Recently released on the indie section of XBLA is this possible sleep hit of a game.

entitled Raven Thorne, it tells the tale of a looting and pillaging Norseman, who has to fight his way through six levels of mythological beasties, hacking, slashing, casting magic and avoiding bathing for as long as possible.

I'll have to admit, the indie section of Xbox live is as off my radar as the latest series of Big Brother, so it came as a surprise to see a game of this quality available. It's graphically fresh and very attractive, sounds great and control is very tight. And at the bargain price of 240MSP it's pretty much a done deal as purchasing goes.

I've downloaded the full game, and i'll be sticking up a review later this week. So if you're sitting on the fence check back in a few days for my thoughts.

You can check out the developers website right in this link.

And if you make a purchase, let me know what you think.


  1. It would be a mistake to let the indie games section continue to be off your radar, in my opinion. Not a lot there is world-shatteringly good, but some offer an entertainment-to-cost ratio that cannot be beat.

    I've thought recently about setting up an XBLIG review blog, but I don't know if the demand is there. I also wouldn't be reviewing exclusively the newest games on the service if I did... due to having a substantial quantity of the games already purchased and ready for review.

  2. Thanks for you comment my friend.

    I'm completely with you. I feel a bit bad that i've never even really looked at what indie games are available. For quality-cost ration this game demands a download. So i'm going to check some more out for sure.

    And why not set one up? You would most definitely had a reader from me. I think a review archive of what's available on there would be useful. I'm sure there are ones out there, but I haven't seen them. Go for it.