Saturday, 20 August 2011

Run & Gun - Episode 5 - Homefront commentary feat. Gamefreakblog

Hey guys, thanks for popping by my wee corner of the interweb again.

Today, if you haven't already watched it on my youtube channel, i'm bringing you a guest commentary that I had the opportunity to do this week. It's for a great Youtube/Twitter buddy of mine called Mattshotcha. He has a great channel where he puts up some absolutely killer Homefront videos. You remember Homefront don't you? It's that great game that everyone ignores over anything to do with Call of Duty.

One of Mattshotcha's series is called Run & Gun, where he goes into some fantastic detail about how to play on certain maps, weapons, spawn really is one of my favourite series on YT, and he has some great montage videos in his Grindhouse gameplays as well.

So please, check out the commentary I did for him, and of course let me know if you enjoyed it, I appreciate all feedback.

And you can check out Mattshotcha's Youtube channel right here!

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