Monday, 11 July 2011

Gamefreak Favourites: Double Dragon mission 2. (XBLA version)

Hey guys, it's Monday, it's sunny, and here's the first of this weeks videos. This time we're going retro, stepping back to the eighties and the beat-em-up that started off a trend, Double Dragon. Many a day I shoveled 10p pieces into this game, and it probably took more money off me during my youth than any other game. Actually that's probably false, but you get what I mean.

The next few gamefreak favourites i'll be doing will all be retro titles, as I realise I need to mix things up a bit....partly for you, but mostly for my own entertainment.

Of course it's MY favourites, but if you think there is a game, retro or not, that I should have a look at doing in my favourites section then just drop me a message on Twitter, Facebook, on the comments section here or Youtube.....or indeed if you're in Google+ join me on there, there is a growing community of geeks on that thing, so you won't be alone!


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