Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Gamefreak VS Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam. Do you get gamer's block?

Do you suffer with getting back into games? After not indulging in Call of Duty for a week do you find it hard getting back into the swing of things? Well you're not alone, you're just one of millions of sufferers of "Gamers block", the phenomenon of getting your ass handed to you for several games in a row after taking a break from certain genres of games. It's completely real, even though I've just made it up, and this video is a demonstration of the illness.

I haven't played Battlefield Vietnam in an age, and this, the first game I've had in months is a text-book example of the phenomenon. Aside from a few great kills, the round was pretty much a non event from the start.

If you have also suffered from gamers block, you're not alone. Call the following free phone number for more advice on how to deal with being completely shit at games for the first hour in coming back to them.


*All calls may be recorded for security and training purposes. Really sad cases will be exploited in a Youtube video as soon as humanly possible*

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