Friday, 15 July 2011

Gamefreakblog/Thumb Culture TV: GTA 5, and why GTA 4 wasn't really that ...

Hey guys, it's Friday.....all day long! And what does that mean, of's episode 2 of Thumb culture TV.

What i'm looking at in this episode is the recent announcement on Grand Theft Auto 5. Apparently it's coming, and it'll be officially announced this summer. That's the news. You don't need a crystal ball to know that ANOTHER game in one of the greatest selling game series of all time will be released, but anyway....that's what's been said.

So what I do is look at GTA 4, and some of the reasons why I personally think it's the best in the series so far. Please feel free to disagree, and make some of your own points. More specifically, as I may very well do a follow up video including some of your ideas, I want to hear what YOU want to see from GTA 5. Do you want the freedom, customisation and RPG-style elements from GTA: San Andreas or indeed the Saints Row games, or would you, like me, rather have well rounded, believable characters that you can really connect to?

By all means leave me a comment here, or on my Youtube channel should you watch the video over there. Even better, follow this link and join in the discussion on the Thumb Culture website.

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Stay tuned to The blog. More great videos/reviews coming up this weekend.

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  1. Very good video with some great points. Regardless of where the next GTA game is set, I'd really love Rockstar to take us to a different time period. What really made the previous games (other than 4) special to a lot of people was the nostalgia factor of being set in the past. Personally, I'd really love to see Rockstar return to this. Imagine a game set in early 70's glam rock-era UK, or late 70's Disco-era Philadelphia or Montreal. Maybe Paris in the 1960's? And just think of all the great music of these periods...