Monday, 4 July 2011

Gamefreak favourites: Heavy Rain chapter 17: The Bear

A very good Monday to you all folks, I hope you have all had a spankingly good weekend. To get us started this week is another Gamefreak favourites video, this time it's the PS3 exclusive adventure-come-point-and-click-come-QTE fest that is Heavy Rain, the David Cage sometimes flawed masterpiece. I'm looking at chapter 17, called "The Bear", which sees our hero having to take on a suicidal task where he has five minutes to drive five miles down the wrong way of a motorway.

See as our hero Ethan travels at death defying speeds, watch in horror as cars dodge out of his way, recoil in fear as even the Police get smashed up, and stare in amazement as we see motorway workers actually doing some work!

I liked Heavy Rain. I was enthralled all the way through, and it was only afterwards that I realised that some of the parts were actually slightly flawed, but hey, that's another post entirely. I'll be putting up another chapter or two, so if you enjoyed this one tune in again this week, or indeed just pop to Youtube and subscribe to get notified straight away!

Here's looking to another great gaming week on thoughts of a gaming freak!


  1. Excellent choice of chapter my good man. What an excellent game. Ive never come across a single soul who doesnt like it. I just wish they would bring out more DLC for it, I got the first one which was creepy as hell involving, well lets say, it involved some 'stuffing'!!
    Poor old Ethan!

  2. Yeah, unfortunately I think there would be some DLC by now. I wouldn't mind a few "lost" chapters, that kind of thing though.