Friday, 10 June 2011

Dragon's Crown PS3 PS Vita E3 2011 trailer

Now this game completely slipped by me at this years E3. Dragon's Crown is the latest game from the team that brought you Odin Sphere, and it look staggeringly good. 2D, hand drawn graphics, a homage to games like Golden Axe and Capcom's Dungeons and Dragons....but it looks a whole lot better. Breathtaking in fact. I'm sold on this game already. It apparently has some kind of cross gaming compatibility between PS3 and that's something i'll never experience.

It looks beautiful, I just can't stop watching it. And it's not because of the size of the sorceress's tits either. I mean...really though....they can't make casting spells easy. Mind you, if she was attacking me I wouldn't really care what spell she was casting!

Dragon's Crown is scheduled for release in Spring 2012.

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