Monday, 20 June 2011

Gamefreak Favourites: Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare "Death from above"

Hey peeps, thanks for popping along to my blog again. Another Gamefreak favourites, another epic level. This time, as you can no doubt tell, it's the "Death from above" level from COD 4, where you give gunner support to Cpt. Price and the S.A.S team from an death-laden AC-130 gunship circling above.

It's a live commentary from the AC-130 gunship wouldn't believe how roomy those planes actually are......comfy chairs too.



  1. Hey Tony, I dont wish to sound like a whinger and believe me I loved playing all of this game, BUT can we have a vid of something non MW or non Battlefield!!! Haha
    I have never played any of the other games in this series and admittedley I havent even watched the trailer for the new Battlefield game (shame I know)
    I know its your favourites section but come on dude wheres all your favourite moments from Halo3 and Mass Effect 3!!!
    Constructive feedback dude, not having a go, I think your're doing a great job!!!

  2. Hey dude, thanks for your comment. Sorry about the lack of variety in the "favourites" series....don't worry, all the good stuff from the games you mentioned and more will be coming up soon. I'll mix it up for the sake of variety. Again, thanks for the's why I want people to comment.

  3. Didnt mean it to come across narky Im just not a big fan of these games, maybe Im just a pussy!!!
    Actually come to think of it I do get an irresistable urge to play Pippa Funnels Riding School alot. Do you get this or is it just me!?!?!?!