Sunday, 19 June 2011

Gamefreak Favourites: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare "All Ghillied up"

Alright peeps, thanks for dropping by, and if you're a dad happy father's day, I hope that you're getting some well earned gaming in.

This is the third video in my Gamefreak favourites, and as you can tell this time it's the turn of Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare, with the absolutely epic sniper level "all ghillied up", which sees you track your quarry through the atomic ruins of the Ukraine. It's hands down one of THE best levels in any FPS game, and if you disagree i'll cut out your teeth. It's the perfect example of "less is more" in the FPS in we don't need 45,000 explosions in a level for it to be classed as "immersive".

I'll have some more Gamefreak favourites coming up really soon, so keep on checking back, and by all means leave me a comment letting me know what you think.

And if you haven't looked already, i'm now doing a weekly video for the awesome gaming website Thumb Culture, called aptly enough "Thumb Culture TV, where every Friday i'll be doing a short video about anything and everything in the gaming world. You can pop along and see part 1, where I discuss the trend of HD remakes, right in this link. Again, leave a comment over there with your thoughts.

Have a great Sunday people!

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