Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gamefreak favourites: Mass Effect 2 Samara loyalty mission

Hey peeps, Tony here again, with yet more in the Gamefreak Favourites series. This time it's the turn of Mass Effect 2 and Samara's loyalty mission. Her daughter, Morinth, has turned all psycho and Samara wants to track her down and kill the hell out of her. If you haven't played this mission, or indeed Mass Effect 2, it has a few very mild spoilers, but nothing that will actually ruin the main story arch of the game. The loyalty missions just flesh out your crew members, and while there is a spoiler of sorts, it's a pure cosmetic one.

I liked this loyalty mission specifically as it does away with the combat. It's just you, the evidence that you can gather and the way you interact with the people, and in my eyes the best loyalty mission in the game follow the same structure.

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