Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Homefront vs Call of Duty vs Battlefield.....a gamefreak perspective.

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in again. Sorry it's been a short while....i've had boring things to do...such as the dishes, building shelves, and general boring life tasks. But have no fear, i'm back.

Due to some of the recent announcements at this years E3, and some other stuff iv'e heard people saying while i've been on some forums/twitter and certain vids on Youtube, I just thought I would give my own quick perspective on the big 3 military shooters out there, Homefront, Call of Duty and Battlefield. It's in no way an exhaustive commentary on the games, I could probably do half an hour on each game, which would bore the tits off of you. Rather, this is just a brief look at the single player and multiplayer modes of each, where I look at what I like and what I don't about them all.

As I say in the video, the comments I make are MY OWN PERSONAL COMMENTS! By all means leave a comment on here or youtube, send me a mail or get in touch via Twitter letting me know what you think about the games, but don't just say "'re wrong....Homefront is shit".....because it will just make you out as foolish as you probably are. If you have a genuine beef, at least make a back up point for your claim.

Anyhoo.....enjoy the video, and as always, your thoughts are appreciated.

*Awaits comments saying they agree with everything I say*

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