Thursday, 16 June 2011

Gamefreakblog and Thumb culture are partners!

Not in that sense, you filthy minded scallywag!

Today has seen the partnership of TWO of the most colossal forces in gaming. Nope....not Lara Croft's's the partnership of yours truly and the gorgeous gaming website, Thumb Culture.

Now partnership is the wrong word. I just needed an excuse to shoehorn a photo of Elton John in here somewhere. Basically i'm going to do a short weekly video for Thumb Culture, where I will look at gaming, new, old, good and bad, and spew out my thoughts. Pretty much the same as I do here, but with less references to cock and I say fuck a whole lot less. Well...actually never.

Thumb Culture is a great site. Clean, professional, and packed to the rafters with gaming news in one handy webzone. The last thing they need to bring it down is me spouting my bollocks and being all shouty on's a site for gamers of all ages, so my thoughts on there will come with a PG certificate.

I will be posting my Thumb Culture videos on my Youtube channel, but I will make a clear distinction between what are the videos I put on here, and what will go on T/Culture. Don't be fooled, i'm not "toning down" my act or anything like T/Culture videos will be basically just the same, but with no swearing and a more good/bad points, rather than just spewing hate on something. I just thought I would make a distinction which is the "uncut" me over the "volume turned down" me. All my thoughts and opinions will still be exactly the same.

We still haven't come up with an actual name for my section, but the first video is live. Here, I discuss the good and bad points with the current trend of HD remakes of old games. Take a look!

See? I've not changed. If you want to get the "gamefreak" feel just insert the odd fuck every now and again!

So i'll make some more announcements as they come. Of course, just click right here to pop over and check out Thumb Culture's site, their Facebook page....and you can also find them on Twitter.

If you like gaming, they will be your next stop after reading this!

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