Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gamefreak revisits Star Wars Republic Commando

Finally...FINALLY.....I've uploaded the videos.

Hey guys, Tony here, bringing you another game in the series "Gamefreak revisits". This time, i'm looking at the horrifically overlooked game Star Wars Republic Commando.

The game was released in 2005, and follows the exploits of a 4-man squad of specially trained Clone trooper commandos as they run around taking part in battles that act as a bridge between Star Wars: Episode 2 and 3, so we see out heroes start off at Geonosis and fight all the way through to the invasion of the Wookie planet, Kashyyyk.

The game itself played like an almost Rainbow Six "lite", as in you gave out basic squad orders, such as splice a computer, blow up a door or a wall etc by simply pointing at a location and pressing the A button. You could also dish out damage to the enemy by ordering the troops to concentrate their fire on the stronger bad guys. It didn't get as technical as Rainbow Six, so there are no sliding cameras under doors or anything like that, just a feeling that the troops were highly trained and not just cannon fodder like ordinary Clone Troopers.

I don't really know why the game isn't talked about more. I think it's down to the fact that it doesn't involve Jedi, or big bad Sith or anything like that, it's just straight up Clone on bad guy action. There are boss fights including mechs and other such enemies, and it was the first real chance to look at the Wookies and General Grievous in their Episode 3 settings. It's not the greatest first person shooter ever made, or indeed the best Star Wars game, but taking all the ingredients and mixing them all together made for a game that whilst simplistic, is fairly long, very tough in places and all in all one of the best games to use the Star Wars license!

So take a look at my videos below. I've had to split them into two parts as the video was too bloody long for Youtube.

And here's part two for ya!

So there you are guys, my take on Star Wars Republic Commando. It's a great game, one of the best in the Star Wars gaming history if you ask me.

WHat do you think? Did you play it? Love it? Hate it??

Your thoughts, as always, are appreciated.

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