Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Jurassic Park: The Game Gameplay Demo (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Telltale Game's Jurassic Park game is on the way, and it's looking pretty awesome....if in a kinda "seen it before way".

Taking obvious inspiration from Heavy Rain, specifically in the way you interact with the environment, it's looking pretty cool. For a dinosaur nut like me, who can sit for hours watching documentaries about how T-Rex took a shit, mixing dinos in with Heavy Rain is a match made in heaven......a slightly toothy kill-you-in-one-bite heaven, but heaven all the same.

The video above shows 13 minutes of footage taken from a recent build, and of course, if you're looking forward to playing the game and having it all as a new experience don't watch the video. I have no will power, so I watched it and love what i'm seeing so far.

Jurassic Park will be available on PC/Mac in April 2011. Console releases are in the fall 2011.


  1. Yeah, I think so. Telltale Games are a great company, so the franchise is in the right hands. I'm just sceptical about how they will handle the tension of the whole thing...translating something like the Raptor kitchen scene into something playable AND tense will be hard.

    But if anyone can do it, Telltale Games can.