Monday, 11 April 2011

Gamefreakblog's first ever giveaway extravaganza!

Ah, what a lovely weekend that was.

I apologise over the quiet nature of the blog over the weekend. The temptation of actually venturing outside, letting the suns rays turn my porcelain corpse-like skin into something resembling a slight off-blue colour whilst entertaining friends in random beer gardens was just too much for this gamefreak, even though I have shedloads more reviews, videos and other stuff to share with you fair folks.

So....seeing as i'm in a jolly mood after bathing in natures glory, i'm going to start off the week on a high point with the first ever Gamefreakblog givaway. I'll have many more coming up over the next few months, so of course stay tuned for those. For the first though, I have a copy of the fantastic Sega Classics collection for the PS2.


Seeing as how I have readers from all over the globe, including some great guys over in the U.S, this is an NTSC copy of the game. Did you get that? NTSC!!!! So as not to alienate half of the people that actually take time out to read my blog and some youtube subscribers, it's a game that our U.S cousins can play, and also any of my chums from the U.K and Europe, IF you have a chipped/NTSC Playstation 2 console. And if you don't have a U.S PS2, shame on you....some of the games on there piss on the PAL versions from a great height!

It's a brand new copy, all sealed, and even if you have a copy you can give it to a friend, tell a friend about the competition or indeed just pop it on Ebay and sell it for some beer tokens....whatever the fuck you'll be yours! It's home to some fantastic 3D remakes of your favourite Sega games, from Alien Syndrome to Golden Axe, Virtua racing and Outrun.

So what do you have to do to win this game, I hear you cry? Well, if you're female a quick fumble in a toilet cubical will suffice......anyone else simply has to give the correct answers to these simple, Sega-related questions:

1. Name the four playable characters in Quartet.

2. What are the names of the first four levels in Space Harrier?

3. In what year was the arcade version of Alien Syndrome released?


So, submit your answers to me at or tweet me the answer. All correct answers will be dumped into a rusty bucket with some sick down the side and picked out at random. This little competition will close in a weeks time, so get your answers in no later than midnight, Sunday 17th of April. Just under a week. I'll hold all of your details in the strictest confidence, until the competition is over and then i'll sell all of your contact details to the highest bidder.

(Disclaimer: That was a joke)

Keep tuned into the blog this week....I have lots to share with you!


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