Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Battlefied 3 details explode!

Hold onto your controllers guys.....details about the fantastically amazing multiplayer destruction-fest Battlefield 3 have started to dribble out onto the web.

Due in "fall 2011", the latest game in the series is sounding great. Game informer, in their latest issue, have put out a variety of details which were cobbled together by some helpful nerds on the NeoGAF forums, which website Computer & Video games nicked, which I blatantly stole from them. Here's a summery of what they have to say:

  • Aiming for CY Q4 2011 release
  • Concept for BF3 has been in the works for years, waiting on proper tech to seamlessly come together
  • Frosbite 2.0 is the culmination of this tech, entirely re-written
  • Lighting sounds neat, one "probe" contains more lighting information than an entire BFBC2 level.
  • Level destruction is going to be "believable" but basically everything is destructible.
  • Character animations powered by ANT, what EA Sports uses.
  • AI characters and multiplayer characters have different animation sets
  • No more "gliding" animations that look off, animation realism is a focus
  • Captured their own war audios (bullets, tanks, helicopters, etc) at different distances to ensure realism
  • Better audio cues for certain actions, more easily able to listen for threats
  • Plan on better, more immediate post release content
  • More unlocks than BFBC2
  • Dice trying to find a good balance between customization of your character and not having "pink rabbit hat(s)"
  • 4 classes
  • Will talk about squads "later"
  • Looking into a theater mode but can't talk about it
  • Will have co-op
  • There will be a kill-cam but it can be turned off
  • BF3's team is almost twice as big as the team for BFBC2
  • They want the pacing of the single player mode to be balanced, with highs and lows. Makes the comparison to a song vs a guitar solo.
  • Part of the single player mode takes place in Sulaymaniyah - Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • "F***" will be used often, so M rated for sure
  • There will be an earthquake in a level. The destruction sounds very impressive. 7 story building collapses, looks very well done
  • Significant narrative that goes with the SP mode
  • More than one setting, you're not in the middle east for the whole game
  • PC version is lead version
  • Why 64 players for PC only? No complains from the console crowd.
  • No mod tools at release. Maybe none down the line either. Frosbite 2.0 is complex and mods tools would have to be dumbed down, so does Dice really want to put their time to that or would it be better spent elsewhere?
  • Original story, not based on Bad Company at all.
Well....it all sounds great. But they need to include the "pink bunny hats".....nothing says warfare more than a bunny hat in my book.

Colour me impressed. Battlefield is my favoured multiplayer title, i've always preferred it over the screaming K/D ratio obsessed toss-bags in the Call of Duty games. Jumping into a squad with some other good players and taking out objectives stands head and shoulders over the "lone gunner" approach that seems to happen whenever I jump into a COD game.

I'm not going to start going on about if it's going to be a "Call of Duty killer".....as it already is in my book. I just want the bloody game....now!

If you haven't seen it, feast your eye-holes on this teaser. It shows nothing really, but hey.....

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