Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dead Island of the best things i've ever seen!

Wow. Just wow.....

The new promo trailer for the upcoming game "Dead Island" is doing the rounds....and what a trailer.

It's seriously THE best trailer for a game i've ever had the pleasure of watching.

Dead Island is a game by Techland, developers of the Call of Juarez series. No real concrete details have been released as of yet, but what we do know is that it's a multiplayer game set on a gorgeous holiday island. Of course, something happens that turns the inhabitants into mindless flesh eating pus bags, and you and your fellow survivors have to survive! Apparently it's set in a 1st person perspective, it's going to have 4-player co-op, with drop in/drop out gameplay, and even though there will be guns they are rare, your most common weapons being everyday items you find.

The official website for the game is currently under construction, but my radar has been firmly set to find out anything I can about this game. Left 4 dead meets Holiday Reps long as I can kill those reps you can sign me up!

Have a look at this staggeringly good trailer.

I've watched it 5 times already and it gets better and better each time.

More details as they are released. But come on....have you ever seen a game trailer that makes you want a game as much as this? If you say yes....YOU'RE LYING!!

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