Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Darkness 2 creeps out of the dark!

Holy sheeeeet!

Grumblings are coming from various websites that 2K games have announced The Darkness 2, the follow up game to the 2007 cult hit. I actually can't find the official source for the story, apart from this little announcement (i'm no Sherlock) so I can only go by what others are saying.

It's all essentially sounding similar. If you never played the first game, and shame on you if you haven't, it's a criminally underrated game that you need to seek out right now. Playing as Antonio Banderas...I mean...Jackie Estacado, you play as a member of the mob who, through no fault of his own, becomes symbiotically attached to a demon known as the Darkness....which takes the form of toothy, black tentacles that ooze out of your back that have a penchant for killing, impaling and generally giving anyone they meet a very bad day. These creatures are empowered by darkness, so to give them more strength and extra powers you have to skulk in the shadows, shooting out lights with your pistols and hiding in toilets until your fiendish friends are powered up enough to start dismembering thugs with slimy black glee. They are also responsible for some of the best voice acting, in a game....EVER...thanks to Mike Patton from Faith no more.

Details are sketchy on the sequel.....it essentially sounds like the same game, and for me warning bells are already ringing as it's been let slip that Starbreeze, devs of the original game and the equally fantastic Riddick games have nothing to do with the sequel. Instead, development duties have been handed over to Digital Extremes, the devs behind Unreal Tournament and....Dark Sector......hhhmmmmm.

I must admit i'm a bit of a Starbreeze whore, so i'm not holding out for anything special. But if they manage to nail what made the first game so unique then you can count me in.

So. Not long to wait. But with Battlefield 3, a possible Halo Remake and the usual yearly installment of Call of Duty all coming out around the same time as this game will it suffer as a result?

Of course it fucking will. But hey....a good game is a good game. So colour me interested!

In case you missed the first game, here's a little taster of just what you missed out on.

If you're interested.....you can get the game, brand new, from about £8.00 right here!

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