Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean teaser.

Oh dear.......

Even though it was announced last November that this game was coming out, the first teaser trailer for TT games latest brick-infested collect-em-up Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean has been released to the gaming public.

Due for release in May this year, the game is scheduled be released along side the new Pirates movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides. It's going to be released on every console in the known universe, and it'll probably be shit.

Not dross from TT games end. They always seem to inject a but of humour into their games, and no doubt pirates will follow in the way that the Star Wars/Batman games did. I just hate the pirates films though. The first one was a laugh, but the second and third films in the series disappeared up their own scurvy-ridden arseholes.

Here's the teaser.


Anyway. Don't bother getting in touch telling me if you're interested in the game. I simply posted this to have a slight moan.....

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