Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Secret Xbox blockbuster on the way.....


Official Xbox magazine are officially prick-teasers. There they are, in all of their official glory, playing games before everyone else and getting insider information from un-sharing gits in the gaming community.

Teased by them at the moment is an announcement about a big named franchised coming to the Xbox 360. The ad is posted just there *points to the left* and in case your eyes don't work (or the text is tiny) the scribble says:

"You WILL buy this magazine. One of the best games ever made is reborn on Xbox 360. Get the full story, only in OXM".


Apparently they have been waiting to announce the game for months, but the dev has asked them to hold on for little while longer until everything is hunky dory with the game.

Speculation is rife, with rumours flying about on several forums, from Final Fantasy VII (like that will ever fucking happen) to a new installment of Rainbow six.

You can see the original announcement on the Computer and Videogames website here.

Now here's the thing. Someone in the C&VG forum underneath the article has guessed correctly. OXM editor Jon Hicks, as well as essentially confirming that it's not an Xbox exclusive, they just have an exclusive reveal in the magazine, says: "It has been correctly identified in the CVG comments thread, though. I'm impressed - although I still can't reveal which one of the guesses are right."

Have a look at the link above and see what you can make out.

I'm going for Syndicate. Fuck please be Syndicate!

Any ideas? Any thoughts? Any wishes? What would you want it to be?

Your thoughts as always, are welcome.

Get guessing!!