Monday, 14 February 2011

Halo: Reach Defiant map pack details.

That's right, there is a new Halo: Reach map pack on the way.

Released next month, the second map pack for Halo: Reach will feature 3 maps and achievements for a total of 150 gamerscore, for the bargain price of 800 msp.

The map pack has been co-created by MS and Certain Affinity, headed up by ex Bungie staffer Max Hoberman. Before you all cry into your Cornflakes shrieking "WTF!! No Bungie???".....they were also responsible for a couple of maps on Halo 2, as well as maps for Call of duty: World at war and Black ops respectively. So it seems like they are in good hands.

The maps, all captured in the video below, look pretty cool and graphically quite tidy. Map 1 is "Condemned", set in an orbital space station in orbit above planet Reach (not the beating up tramps in subways Condemned). Map 2 is called "Unearthed", which take place in a large titamium mine, and map 3 is called "Highlands", where you fight off wave after wave of ginger-haired, blue faced, sweaty sword wielding haggis munchers armed with nothing more than a battered Mars bar. Just teasing, it's set at a secret military facility in the wodds...although my idea sounds better in my head.

I really should start playing Reach more. I bloody love Firefight, but I haven't really touched any of the other modes. If anyone feels like getting some games going drop me a gamertag in the comments section and i'll add ya.

Anyway Spartans...gear up and watch the vid.

I'll see you on the battlefield soldiers.

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