Tuesday, 1 February 2011

How the hell did this game never happen??

Not only a case of "how the hell did this game never happen?", but how the hell did I never hear of it.

Chatting with a reader via email, we were talking about games that were previewed but never made. I was chucking out names like Starfox 2 etc, and he blurted out "Did you see that Dirty Harry game? That looked awesome!"

After choking on my tea as I read this, I immediately jumped onto Youtube and lo and behold.....there was the trailer.

According to online bullshit fact sheet Wikipedia, the game was indeed on. Developed by The Collective, inc and published by Warner Bros, the game was going to follow on from events that happened in the film, and indeed have the awesome setting of San Francisco in the 70's.

No talk of what kind of form the game would take was, but i'd imagine it would be some kind of GTA style kill-em-up. The only thing that was hinted at was how you would play the game. Taking the character straight from the films, Harry Callahan would walk the fine line between cop and psychopath, almost like a San Fran traffic warden. Take it too easy on the scum sucking bad guys and they wouldn't see you as a threat. Go all "mental" on them and expect a drubbing down from the police chief.

It all sounded pretty standard fare. But alas, The collective, inc went under due to "trouble", and the game was canned. A fucking disgrace! Why? Have a look at this bloody video and give your eyes a good old wank!

It looked like it nailed the atmosphere of the films...and indeed the grizzled, world-weary look of the dirty one himself.

I'm going to spend the next year bombarding Rockstar to get on the case and MAKE THIS GAME HAPPEN!!! If anyone can do it justice...it's them.

Join me.....you know it makes sense.

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