Friday, 4 February 2011

Is the Halo HD remake on it's way?

Mmmm....looks like the rumours are gathering pace.

The initial rumours dripped out in November of last year. Trade mag MCV put out a piece that Halo development studio 343 Industries were apparently working on a HD remake of the first Halo game, running on the Halo Reach engine.

And now from website Joystiq, another announcement about the game.

Developed by the strangely monikered studio "Sabre interactive"....sounds painful....the game is not just the original game with a HD coat on, oh no. This one will have certain assets updated...i'm guessing character models and textures, and updated controls to put the game more in line with the sequels. Co-op support, 1080p resolution and 3D support is also expected to make it into the game.

A tentative release date of November 15, 2011 has been proposed. This will bring it in line with the 10th anniversary of the original games release.

So what can we take of this news? Sounds plausable I guess. I wouldn't imagine it would harm MS to get this game out of the door, as it's probably going to sell a squillion copies within the first hour it's on the shelves. But with two sources for the same rumour, it's sounding quite likely.

If it happens, and anyone from 343 Industries is reading this.....PLEASE sort out the fucking god-awful Library levels....there is no way I want to do all that bollocks again.

Until this is confirmed....entertain yourself with another Halo's great!

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