Saturday, 19 February 2011

Gamefreak's first video test.

Hey guys, thanks for looking in on me again. Hope your weekend is a great one.

As previously mentioned, i'm going to start doing some video-related stuff. I don't say "Content", as that makes me sound like some kind of corporate industry it's "stuff".

Anyhoo. I've just uploaded a quick video tester. Just to see how the quality comes over. It's nowhere near what the final product will be, audio wise at least. It was just me basically stuttering over a video whilst trying to juggle various programs in the background. I'll be doing allsorts of video stuff, gameplay videos, achievement guides, just some featuring commentary on the industry as a whole....and a few other ideas I have in mind.

So anyway. To the video. Please have a little look at it and let me know what you think. I'm recording footage on a HD PVR, recording sound through Audacity, and combining the two in windows movie maker. If you have any little hints and tips for me (that requires spending little or NO MONEY) then please give me your thoughts, either here, on the Facebook page or via twitter. I will be setting up a specific gamefreak youtube channel....i'm just showing you this as a test.

So please, have a look and give me some feedback. IT'S NOT A FUCKING REVIEW, so don't go calling me out for not ending in a hyper-combo finish....

Any SENSIBLE comments are of course welcome.

1 comment:

  1. as ia test it works dude, your voice could do with being louder so you may need to look at your mic.
    it works though and now at least i dont have to read words as letorz mek brian gu hurtz